Ronni works as a coach and facilitator with individual leaders, groups and teams. Her focus is on supporting her clients in building the mindsets, self-awareness and overall capacity to achieve results through others and to navigate through increased complexity. She also supports organizations seeking to build powerful teams and thriving cultures. Her clients are located across the globe, including Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as throughout the United States. She works across multiple sectors, including technology, consumer products, social enterprise and non-profit. Ronni recently added Coach Supervision to her portfolio, and works with coaches who are looking for a reflective space in which to explore and deepen their work.


Ronni provides one-on-one and team coaching, supervision, as well as customized leadership development and culture change programs.For larger projects, Ronni draws on a rich network of collaboration partners.


  • The Promises We Make: Creating a Culture of Commitment and Accountability
  • From Difficult to Productive Conversations
  • Mindsets Matter: Leading with a Growth Mindset
  • Leading with the Brain in Mind: Applying Neuroscience to Lead Effectively
  • Mindful Leadership: An Introduction
  • The Art of Receiving Feedback: Creating a Feedback-rich Culture

Ronni offers a 4-part, virtual introduction to mindfulness course, designed to provide busy people access to mindfulness practices that they can incorporate into their day-to-day lives. This is an interactive, small group program that includes both practice and discussion. For more information, click here .




Posted on June 12, 2019



Posted on March 26 2019


While working with with Ronni I have undergone two major role changes, each with the addition of huge responsibilities. She has helped me manage my stress and work load and focus on what I need to be as a leader.

Shilshila Acharya, CEO
Himalayan Climate Initiative

Ronni works with teams to bring out the best results for the organization while growing and bringing out the best in each team member.

Linda Apple
Organizational Development Consultant

Ronni is a natural presenter, adept at simplifying content, yet keeping the conversation engaging. Ronni is great at making a connection, the experience is authentic and Ronni is real!

Philip DeSouza
CEO, Aurora IT


Short introduction to workshop delivered for technology solution providers on attention, mindfulness and leadership.

A longer video of this workshop can be found here.


Ronni Hendel Giller | e-mail | phone 310-490-6956

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